PP Woven Bag

DVH provides PP woven fabric and PP Woven Bags with PE coating or non-coating layer. All color, size:

  • Cloth size of round pipe:28 cm – 124 cm (thin cloth or round pipe)

  • Weight: 65 g/m2 – 230 g/m2

  • Coating thickness: 18 g/m2 – 25 g/m2​

Especially with the full production line meeting the domestic and export value-large purchase orders, DVH still supply the thin cloth of roll PP for all sizes with the competitive price and strict quality.

Flexo Printed

Flexo printed : 1 side, 2 sides


Laminated Gloss/ Matte


Laminated Gloss/ Matte

Back seam /.Tubular

​Inside coating for moisture proof protection. 

Many colors

Transparent PP 100% Virgin 

PP Woven Fabric

PP Woven Fabric available in rolls. Denier tested by Starlinger based extruder

BOPP laminated PP Woven Bag

Biaxially Oriented Polyproylene (BOPP) bags have become one of the most popular, high growth bag used in the world. They are known for excellent clarity, good stabiltiy, high gloss and superior strengths...

We offer our clients a wide range of BOPP Woven Bags. Our range of bags is offered in various colors and sizes which include: 

  • Met finish BOPP Multicolor Bags 

  • Metallic BOPPMulticolor Bags 

  • Rice Packing Bag

  • Atta Packing Bag

  • Spices, Masala Packing Bag

  • Seeds Packing Bag

  • Foodgrain Packing Bag

  • Fertilizer Packing Bag

  • Handle Bag

  • BOPP Back Seam Multicolor Bags

High quality BOPP Bags

Flexo printed : 1 side, 2 sides

Available in all sizes (50kg,25kg) 

Laminated Gloss/ Matte

EZ- Opening

Laminated Gloss/ Matte

Matte Finish

Glossy Finish

Handle Opening

Flexo printed : 1 side, 2 sides

Laminated Gloss/ Matte

Laminated Gloss/ Matte


Kraft laminated PP Woven Bag


mainly for milk powder, food additives, feed dextrin, building materials, food, seeds,soybean meal, powder, compound fertilizer, chemical products, and food additives, textile and other industries packaging powder, granular, flake, block, nano materials.


Competitive Advantage:


1. Superior quality, most competitive price and best service

2. Most advanced machines and technologies, high monthly output

3. Professional manufacturer & exporter

4. Well trained & skilled workers

5. All specifications are acceptable & can be customized

EZ - Opening bag

EZ-opening cut for automatic filling machine 

Valve cut bag

Valve cut for easy cement dispensing 

Kraft PP bags

Kraft bag